Los Banos Municipal Airport (KLSN)

Los Banos, Califoria



It all starts here.... my little flight planning headquarters!  :-)

I didn't have a lot of time so I planned a fairly local trip (about 45 minutes or less) to Los Banos Airport.  I knew nothing about the area and I was just going to let 'serendipity' unfold the experience before me.

Looking at the pilot lounge (inside the 'mobile home' trailer).  The tie-downs are plentiful and it wasn't very busy on this weekday that I chose to fly on.

There are some signs that you just gotta 'love' and when I saw it I KNEW that I had to get a picture of this sign.  Rooney's Liquor (with red hearts for 'O's') rents videos, sells groceries, sporting goods, snacks and AMMO.  Yep, liquor and ammunition there's the combination that I like to see on the streets <<<GRIN>>>>>.

Los Banos, as you might guess has some very good, authentic Mexican food.  Unfortunately, my 'delicate' and aging innards can't handle the 'pyrotechnic' qualities of some of the more authentic Mexican fare.  So, I found this WONDERFUL little cafe called "Eddie's Famous Cafe" and after sitting down for a meal it became clear to me that its' name was well-deserved.

It is actually much bigger than this photo angle may indicate.  I just shot the picture this direction 'cause I didn't want to capture pictures of people who were just trying to have a quiet meal.  :-)

The prices are more than reasonable, the food excellent (I had a grilled chicken breast) and the staff was most helpful and pleasant!!!  If you happen to visit the town of Los Banos,,,, be sure to look for Eddie's Famous Cafe and you will come to understand why it got it's name! ;-)

I couldn't stay around town long, so it was off to the airport and head back to RHV.

Good Flights!

Below graphic designed by: Jeff Bucchino,

"The Wizard of Draws" (copyright owner) http://www.wizardofdraws.com

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